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◎ Magnesium alloy die-casting industry veterans from the team of experts

Different ages, experienced technical team is our most proud capital

Yany Age 55 SAIC hight Senior engineer experts
k66凯时电游官网 who have special government allowances

Mitch Lin Age 50 Taiwanese Aluminium magnesium
alloy product application development 15 years

James Age 31 SJTU Light alloy new materials
development master 5 years

Richard Age 49 Taiwanese Aluminium magnesium
alloy product application development 16 years

Ramond Age37 Chinese Foxconn Group Magnesium
k66凯时电游官网 alloy molding technician 8 years

Eric Age 42 Taiwanese CNC machining
technology 10 years

Jason Age 33 Chinese magnesium alloy
k66凯时电游官网 surface treatment technology 11Years

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